GIZELLE is an outfit in the field of construction; it indulges in the diversified business activities related to the construction / development / demolition etc.

GIZELLE, as the German word suggests, is a “promise” of two individuals who came from diverse corporate backgrounds and decided to apply their skills into an entrepreneurial venture. Khusro Ansari and Faraz Khan laid the foundation of GIZELLE Communication in 2004 with a commitment to not only grow the company, but to make a difference to the Construction industry in Pakistan.

AEROsync established in 2016, is a product design company. It develops and produces products designed around consumer challenges, and aims to deliver convenience and positive social impact through their functionality. This start-up was initially incubated at SEED Incubation Centre, and within a year’s time showed signs of promising growth. Henceforth, SEED Private Limited invested in this venture, and has subsequently guided and mentored them through the process of developing workable prototypes, and piloting these prototypes to evaluate the efficacy of their designs.

This venture was formed in 2008. It is headed by Faraz Khan and Khusro Ansari. The objective of this socio-economic platform was to showcase debuting Pakistani artists to the world. COI takes shape as the base for artists to display their work and for the connoisseur, an opportunity to experience the marvels that are created by these artists. COI serves as a socio-commercial platform for the creators and lovers of art alike and provides a foundation for the development and trade of art internationally.

Stimulus is a social development consulting firm offering innovative business solutions and services to the development community with a vision to enhance global socio-economic sustainability by stimulating the business of development and cultivating the social fabric. Formed in 2009, Stimulushas a clear mission that is guided by transparency, accountability, mutual respect and benefit for all stakeholders while remaining focused on the goal of socio-economic development. Members of the top management are Mehreen Shoaib, Faraz Khan, Khusro Ansari and Farhad Karamally. 

Created with a vision to provide an innovative platform for writers and showcase their work at a local and global level, FK Squared launched in 2010 by Faraz Khan, Farhad Karamally and Khusro Ansari. Shaista Ayesha is currently leading and managing the business. FK Squared works on various streams that include print publishing, Education & Literacy Drive and encouraging and promoting literary talents through this platform. However, it has established itself mainly as an e-publishing platform, providing accessibility and a value proposition to all those with creative expression.

SEED Incubation Centre (IC), is a joint venture by SEED and  Funverks Global. The objective is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation as a mechanism for social impact. The IC serves as a launch pad and support system which is meant to facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs and startups in initiating their business ideas and turning them into viable business models.

The whole theme behind the IC is to create a work environment that is conducive for young entrepreneurs to operate in, as they are particularly vulnerable in their early years and the startup environment can be significantly more hostile in a developing economy where services remain inadequate, inaccessible or expensive.

Bankers Online was established in 2010 with the vision to bridge the gap between the banking sector and the consumer masses of Pakistan. It is a novel venture that aims to provide a platform where all consumers have ease of access to knowledge pertaining to all banking products, a diverse set of tools and calculators to gain clarity of their fiscal needs and a one-stop portal, enriched with financial news and guidance to manage their wealth and finances. Headed by Saad Niaz, Bankers Online strives to provide the most relevant and valid information to all our users, equipping them with accurate knowledge and sincere guidance on all their financial needs. With a growing base of registered users, Bankers Online provides regular updates on best banking deals available, financial counseling to individual and small business needs and a forum to interact with one another to deepen knowledge about personal finance and banking as a whole.

DG9, is a digital solutions company that emphasizes on understanding and hence, catering to the needs of the customer. In this effort, the company provides a large variety of services ranging from digital strategy and content development to software / application development and brand activation.

Engineur is a newly emerged outfit in the field of construction; it indulges in the diversified business activities related to the construction/development/demolition etc. ‘Engineur’ wit its focused approch intends to provide innovative construction solution to complex infrastructure projects across Pakistan.

Welcome to the Structivo family. The hallmark of quality construction is superior quality building material and accurate application of materials – this is what we strive to achieve and deliver through our services. We function on the basic values of reliability and durability. The essence of our business is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.

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