We identified gaps in the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem, and have devised solutions which address these gaps. Formats were developed independently by our teams, and have been implemented in collaboration with different stakeholders.

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP) is a pan-Pakistan, inter-school competition that encourages young people to explore entrepreneurship as a career path. ECP is essentially a business simulation challenge where students playing in teams of four or five employ their creativity in cyber-scenarios. It is offered to secondary school students within the age bracket of 13-16 years in various schools across the country.

SEED is the founder partner in Pakistan and is responsible for the execution and delivery of Enterprise Challenge in Pakistan. Prince’s Trust International and British Deputy High Commission (BDHC) and has extended its support for Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP).

SEA Pakistan

Social Enterprise Academy is a Scotland based social enterprise delivering learning and development programmes for people and organisations working for social purpose. Social Enterprise Academy Pakistan is the local hub established by SEED in collaboration with SEA Scotland.  In Pakistan, SEA Pakistan delivers programmes in leadership, entrepreneurship and social impact for individuals and organisations at any stage in their development. SEA Pakistan hub was established in January, 2017.

Visit the official website: http://www.socialenterprise.academy/pk/

Jago is a creative thinking and writing , inter-school competition developed and implemented by FK Squared, a SEED venture. This initiative has been designed for underprivileged children and aims to help them think of how they can develop a tolerant and peace-loving society. Children are trained on constructing interesting story lines, characters and develop plots that reflect their imagination and how they feel they can contribute to society.

The success of this initiative gave rise to an anthology of English and Urdu stories written and illustrated by children titled: Asteen Ka Sanp and Other Stories.


Potential Enterprise Mapping Strategy (PEMS) began as a research project. It is a comprehensive survey based on a sample size of 400 grass root entrepreneurs.

The findings revealed that the vast majority were struggling to realize their full social impact due to a variety of obstacles. On the basis of this research, multiple projects were implemented in the low lying areas of Karachi and Balochistan under Creating Safe Community Spaces, Balochistan Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training, Daharki Livelihood creation and BRAC programmes.

Reimagining Karachi (RKH) is a heritage preservation initiative that started from Karachi and made its way across the country. It is an endeavour to preserve and restore the nation’s architectural and cultural heritage while rehabilitating old neighbourhoods and creating empowerment programmes.

Rising Entrepreneur seeks to build enduring relationships between the next generation of entrepreneurs from India, Pakistan, and the Pakistani Diaspora. It is the product of a cross-border partnership between SEED and Atlantic Council (USA). Rising Entrepreneur is the flagship project of this partnership and is a tournament-style business plan competition for early-stage startups in India and Pakistan. It aims to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in both countries and support the continued development of positive bilateral relations.

Rediscover Pakistan is a report that aims to provide investors with a comprehensive toolkit on how to reposition Pakistan as a high potential, high growth market in the world economy. It analyses the risks and opportunities that exist in this country and helps explore the prospective business landscape of Pakistan.

The Pakineur is an entrepreneurial magazine that focuses on this very important segment of our economy. This digital magazine brings to light the enterprising nature of our nation and shares success stories and provides insights on issues and obstructions that one faces in their entrepreneurial journey.

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