The Academia is an extremely important stakeholder, as it serves to provide nations with a resource pool of young, energetic and passionate minds that have the ability to transform the entrepreneurial eco-system of any country. We believe that by engaging this sector, and employing resources on its development through innovative solutions, we can harness this energy and direct it to deliver long-lasting positive social impacts.

We do this by:
  • Introducing and implementing creative platforms like intra and inter school/university business plan competitions
  • Engaging with the youth through interactive sessions on different forums with a core focus on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal management
  • Establishing and managing incubation facilities in schools and universities to provide an explicit facility where students can develop and test their idea
  • Connecting students to mentors who are established and renowned professionals from the private, public and entrepreneurial fraternity
  • Creating avenues of business acceleration to incubated business by linking students with viable business ideas, to impact and commercial investors
We work in collaboration with this sector to:
  • Introduce the concept of entrepreneurship, and develop its foundation and understanding among children and youth
  • Inculcate the basic principles of business development, business ethics and social impact
  • Educate, train, and mentor the young to provide them with a sense of direction so they can maximize their potential
IBA Sukkar
University of Faisalabad
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