The Development sector’s mandate of poverty alleviation and creation of avenues for social and financial empowerment for marginalised communities is directly aligned with our vision. We take this mandate a step further by also including

We do this by:
  • Conducting baseline surveys
  • Conducting in depth needs assessment of the target population to understand their capacity building needs
  • Developing customized enterprise development curriculums, and entrepreneurial training programmes and capacity building programmes for affected communities
  • Engaging communities by conducting interactive entrepreneurial sessions in their localities
  • Designing indigenous enterprise learning solutions specific to the requirements of communities of a particular locality
  • Developing cross-combo programmes which combine entrepreneurial skills with the vocational skills prevalent among a target population in a particular locality
  • Setting up incubation centres in rural, semi-urban and urban centres of cities for small and medium, and micro enterprises. These are learning facilities for aspiring entrepreneurs as well
  • Creating market linkages between skilled workforce and the industry
  • Linking incubatees to mentors for additional guidance and coaching
We work with this sector to:
  • Create avenues of learning for marginalized communities
  • Develop platforms that encourage development of livelihoods for the grass-root communities in Pakistan
  • Create awareness about entrepreneurship as an alternative choice of employment
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