The government is a vital stakeholder in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for it is government policy that helps to drive change and eases the creation and implementation of strategies and plans developed by other stakeholders of the system.

We do this by:
  • Conducting in-depth needs assessment and receptivity surveys of target populations to understand the demographics, psychographics, and economic profile in a better manner
  • Studying policy frameworks to gain a comprehensive understanding of the gaps in the system which thwart the growth of entrepreneurship
  • Conducting economic surveys to identify nascent industries
  • Combining population, economic and policy analysis to give a 360 degree perspective of the landscape and help governments develop policies which are broadly focused and holistic
  • Developing training and capability development programmes for government servants to help them gain a better understanding of entrepreneurship and policy development that encourages enterprise development
  • Developing platforms in collaboration with governments for incubation, access to finance and markets
We work with this sector to:
  • Design policy reforms that support enterprise development/ Policy advocacy
  • Introduce entrepreneurship to different populations
  • Identify gaps in policy framework which obstruct the growth of enterprises
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