The Private Sector is an important stakeholder because it drives economic growth, creates avenues of employment, and invests in the development of a country’s human resource.

We do this by:
  • Conducting in-depth needs assessment of areas where organisations operate in order to bridge the gap between them and the members of the community
  • Helping organisations develop more customized programmes that contribute directly to their value chain and benefit the communities
  • Providing innovative solutions to address issues within the surrounding socio economic landscape
  • Conducting training programmes that encourage entrepreneurship among members of the community to inculcate a stronger sense of empowerment
  • Encouraging the development of sustainable enterprises among the community to decrease their dependency on CSR initiatives
  • Creating social mobilisers from the community who can lead the cycle of change and consistently augment positive social impacts
  • Developing and publishing organisational biographies so that organisational behaviour, and business decisions can be documented for reference of students, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs
We work with this sector to:
  • Help organisations effectively deliver on their CSR mission
  • Improve the capacity of prospective employees
  • Develop strong partnerships at the regional and international level
  • Communicate stories of success and organisational behaviour to a diverse population of entrepreneurs
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