To create and develop a global sphere of entrepreneurial solutions across multiple structured verticals in regional, national and international markets to bring about a societal and economic change


  • To link up like-minded individuals, as well as those with similar business or strategic interests
  • To serve as a source of learning, sharing and exchanging of ideas between entrepreneurs, businessmen, academics, media-persons, government functionaries and other key stakeholders
  • To create a domino effect that will alter the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan, and help groom and nurture individuals who are driven as much by profits as by societal change
  • To collaborate and coordinate with all key stakeholders, serving as a platform for idea generation with investors as well as providing start-up capital to those ideas that are aligned with our social mandate
  • To serve as a repository of knowledge – be it academic, theoretical, practical and/or experiential – for visionaries and entrepreneurs
  • To create an environment of sustainable enterprises at all levels including the grassroots, resulting in economic empowerment
  • To be a resource tool for entrepreneurs, providing the latest updates and information on trends at the local, national, regional and global level
  • To be a bastion of innovation, mentoring, training and interventions
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