Mosaic Enterprise Challenge Pakistan

September in Karachi witnessed the launch of a programme that comes with the promise of immense impact on young minds and much-needed inculcation of entrepreneurship in the youth. Mosaic was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007. This initiative creates opportunities for youth belonging to diverse and often underprivileged backgrounds and helps them […]

A Parallel between the Wizards of Hogwart & CSCLeaders, Commonwealth

Acquiring knowledge is a strange phenomenon; it is limitless and infinite, leading one on a journey of pursuit that only ends when the soul departs the body. Applying that knowledge however, is even stranger; to what extent is it converted into a tangible result totally depends on an individual. Three days into Part 1 of […]

Incubating Potential – Grass-root Entrepreneurs

There are two very important segments of entrepreneurs that need structured processes to mushroom, flourish and expand: startups and grass root entrepreneurs (GREs). While some promising activity has been witnessed for support of startups recently, there haven’t been any significant or substantial endeavours to uplift the microenterprise sector that exists in the country. After an […]

The Pakineur – Pakistan’s Entrepreneurial Magazine

The second issue of The Pakineur seems to have created an unexpected amount of noise all across. Perhaps the fact that it has an intentionally created informal feel about it has quite a bit to do with it besides the fact that there was a dearth of local publications specifically for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, I must […]

Social Entrepreneurs – The Optimistic Breed

The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way, When many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say.         […]

‘The Pakineur’, Pakistan’s First Entrepreneurial Magazine

We have a simple formula that we follow at SEED – identify gaps, and address them through entrepreneurial solutions. While moving forward with our mandate to develop the entrepreneurial scenario in Pakistan, we realized that it was now imperative to take an initiative where entrepreneurs found a voice, an easily accessible and approachable platform for […]

Business beyond borders: Applications for Startup Dosti open till December 20

The Google advertisement that recently went viral showed two friends who were united following their separation during the Partition. Since that tragic event, there have been cricket matches, trade meet-ups, a train service and many other initiatives to bring the people of India and Pakistan closer. A recent addition to that list is a business […]

Faraz Khan has been Nominated for 2nd Annual British Muslim Awards presented by Islamic Bank of Britain

After receiving thousands of nominations from all over the country, the finalists for the British Muslim Awards presented by Islamic Bank of Britain have been announced. The awards will recognise a wide range of achievements which cover various aspects of society including business, charity, sport, arts and culture and much more. The evening will be […]

Breaking the Clutter – A Public Private Partnership

All around the world, the public and private sectors work together to create propositions that add value to the lives of the communities they are serving. In its broadest sense, all types of collaborations between the public and private sectors can help to deliver policies, services and infrastructure projects. These schemes are sometimes referred to, […]

Gizelle Communication, a SEED venture, ranked 13th in Pakistan100 Fastest Growing Companies by AllWorld Network

It was with a combination of pride and gratitude that Gizelle/SEED team flew to Islamabad to receive the prestigious AllWorld Network award for the Pakistan100 Fastest Growing Companies, where Gizelle Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. ranked 13th in the Top 100. An event held at Serena Hotel saw an influx of entrepreneurs and other important members of […]

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