SEED Private Limited is a SEED Venture company. It is an ecosystem development organization that is working to nurture, support and growing the entrepreneurial and social enterprise ecosystem in Pakistan.

SEED’s modus operandi to achieve this is by working in collaboration with public and private sector organizations, The Academia, government, and financial institutions through initiatives and projects that create incremental positive impact at a knowledge, skill, and business operational level. We create learning and development models, curricula, business incubation programmes through in-depth research and disseminate this with an inclusive approach to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.


AEROsync established in 2016, is a product design company. It develops and produces products designed around consumer challenges, and aims to deliver convenience and positive social impact through their functionality. This start-up was initially incubated at SEED Incubation Centre, and within a year’s time showed signs of promising growth. Henceforth, SEED Private Limited invested in this venture, and has subsequently guided and mentored them through the process of developing workable prototypes, and piloting these prototypes to evaluate the efficacy of their designs.


Created with a vision to provide an innovative platform for writers and showcase their work at a local and global level, FK Squared launched in 2010 by Faraz Khan, Farhad Karamally and Khusro Ansari. Shaista Ayesha is currently leading and managing the business. FK Squared works on various streams that include print publishing, Education & Literacy Drive and encouraging and promoting literary talents through this platform. However, it has established itself mainly as an e-publishing platform, providing accessibility and a value proposition to all those with creative expression.


FeedSol is a social enterprise developed by Engro, Seed Ventures and FMO to offer quality, nutrition-rich, and affordable animal feed products to smallholder and medium-sized dairy farmers to improve livestock health, increase milk yields, and improve dairy farming economics in Pakistan. Improving the viability of rural areas through the support of multi-functional agriculture and alternative options of livestock feed, was the ultimate goal behind this whole project. Our purpose is to ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of essential feed products. We build sustainable livestock supply chains. On a global landscape, the intensive demand for livestock and livestock products, such as meat, dairy, and milk has spurred the growth of animal feed production and animal feed exports among many leading animal feed companies around Pakistan.


Kamaalpay is an application that is focused on creating financial inclusion by introducing the masses in Pakistan to digital banking. This application has been developed primarily to enable better communication between merchants and users thus leading to seamless transactions. Its functionality is diverse and inclusive which caters to the higher, middle tier, and BOP markets as well.


Mohafiz is a life saving mobile application that allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to the people you choose as ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contacts through SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. Mohafiz and its features are a response to the lack of infrastructure that our governments have when it comes to providing emergency support services. Mohafiz App has been developed by taking into account that it has all the features needed for the one facing a grave situation.


SK Enterprises is a construction and engineering company. It has a diverse set of business activities related to construction/development/demolition and is focused on providing innovative construction solutions for complex infrastructure projects across Pakistan.

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