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Daanika Kamal is a social entrepreneur, strategist and an international law and human rights specialist with extensive experience in program implementation, policy reform and analysis, legislative drafting with a focus on access to justice and rights protections, as well as corporate social responsibility and business development and strategy. She is a strong contributor to the social enterprise ecosystem in Pakistan, specifically working with businesses that advance and impact education, women’s rights, mental health and climate change.

Daanika holds an LL.M with distinction from the University of Warwick. She is an internationally published author and editor, and continues to contribute to various online and print publications in international law journals, national newspapers and literary magazines. She is additionally an Associate Editor for MAD in Asia Pacific, an online magazine established in partnership with MAD in America. In 2018, Daanika founded a social enterprise, The Colour Blue (TCB), as part of her efforts to affirm mental health as a fundamental human right, working to promote and encourage the empowerment of those facing mental health challenges. 

Daanika is frequently invited to speak at national and international conferences, panels and TV programs, and has been featured on BBC, Geo, ARY, AAJ, DBTV, Soch, Grazia and others. She is also a Fellow of the Jaulian Project, an initiative of the Academy of Systems Change and programme manager and tutor at the Social Enterprise Academy’s Pakistan Chapter, in addition to managing Pakistan’s largest entrepreneurship programme with school children from underprivileged backgrounds in partnership with the Prince’s International Trust (UK). In 2019, Daanika was the youngest recipient of the Women Leaders for the World fellowship, a prestigious program that has traveled globally over the last two decades.

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