SEED Private Limited is a SEED Venture company. It is an ecosystem development organisation that is working to nurture, support, and growing the entrepreneurial and social enterprise ecosystem in Pakistan.

SEED’s modus operandi to achieve this is by working in collaboration with public and private sector organizations, the academia, government, and financial institutions through initiatives and projects that create incremental positive impact at a knowledge, skill, and business operation level. We create learning and development models, curricula, business incubation programmes through in-depth research and disseminate this with an inclusive approach to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

We understand that entrepreneurs need more than knowledge, they need finances, market linkages and a conducive environment to operate, hence, our working model also encompasses business incubation, provision of mentoring and consultancy, creating access to finance, corporate impact venturing, and policy development. Our reach and penetration are across diverse sectors and different verticals.

Our services include:

Policy and Advocacy

We provide technical assistance to private, public and the government sector, and offer consultancy covering:

  • Policy advocacy based on policy analysis to identify gaps in the existing system
  • Value addition to existing CSR programmes
  • Development of new CSR initiatives well aligned with the business and social objectives of an organisation
  • Highlighting strategic windows within a landscape available for enterprise development
  • Defining frameworks and strategic plans for the better utilization of monetary resources and funds

Constant innovation is the raison d’être of entrepreneurial success, and we embrace the idea whole heartedly. We have a team of dedicated researchers who continually follow business trends to identify new frameworks and models of entrepreneurship, theoretical developments in the world of academia, networking with key stakeholders to expand its outreach, find out about entrepreneurial success stories, follow-up on the latest developments in the world of technology, and keep up with the latest from the world of social entrepreneurship and its impact on societies and communities.

We carry out:

  • Mapping exercises necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis of a geographic area, its resident community, and the industries operating there
  • Needs Assessment and receptivity surveys to understand the existing attitudes and behaviours of a target population towards entrepreneurship and room for change in mind-set
  • Policy analysis to identify gaps in the existing system
Curriculum Development

We develop customised curriculums after conducting in-depth needs analysis of the target population to address their learning needs with respect to entrepreneurship. Our curriculums focus on the development of business acumen, and soft skills which are necessary aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Our curriculums help bridge the gap between business acumen and vocational skills and enable them to turn transform their vocational skills into a one-unit marketable micro enterprise.

Our curriculums are for a diverse audience of entrepreneurs which include micro, small and medium enterprises.

Business Incubation

We work with aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to increase awareness and receptivity towards innovation, risk taking, creativity and entrepreneurship. Our objective is to help them think out of the box, and take more ownership towards their enterprises. Our incubation programmes are targeted towards business acumen and soft skill development in order to initiate a process of self-discovery and a change of mind-set in programme participants. We work with businesses owners and strengthen their concepts and understanding through coaching, conversations, and mentoring about entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, leadership, negotiation, and personal management.


We understand that all entrepreneurs require a business mentor to guide them through making the difficult decisions, pointing out ways of improving their business, asking relevant and tough questions, and motivating them to achieve higher levels of performance, all within the bounds of a trusted relationship. To make this possible, SEED integrates experts from its wide and well-developed network of mentors and industry experts into incubation programmes and project. This provides an opportunity for our beneficiaries to engage and learn from the practical experience of their mentors.

Market Linkage

We work with businesses in two ways – strengthening their business models, and providing them with avenues and opportunities that link them to larger markets. Leveraging SEED’s network, we connect our beneficiaries to relevant partners and stakeholders who can help grow their businesses. Additionally, we also work with our beneficiary base, and provide solutions on how they can digitize their enterprises.

Financial Inclusion

We work on the three tenet of financial inclusion – financial literacy, business formalisation, and the integration of financial services in businesses. We are strong advocates of formalising businesses operating in the informal economy. We work on financial inclusion with aspiring and existing enterprises in the following ways:

  • Educating them about financial discipline and financial tools
  • Educating them about the relevance of business registration and helping them register their businesses.
  • Educating our beneficiaries about financial discipline, the efficacy of banking for a business, and making use of relevant banking and financial services to support the growth of their businesses.
  • Creating access to financial services and funding avenues
  • Handholding to ensure most effective deployment of funds in a business
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