We develop and conduct training programmes for students, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to increase awareness and receptivity towards innovation, risk taking, creativity and entrepreneurship. Our objective is to help them think out of the box, and take more ownership towards their initiatives.

Our entrepreneurial training programmes are targeted towards business acumen and soft skill development in order to initiate a process of self-discovery and a change of mindset in programme participants. Our training programme gives participants foundations for: entrepreneurship, financial management, mastering marketing, leadership and negotiation, and personal management

We conduct Intra-preneurial training at school and university level through workshops and guest speaker sessions to engage audiences through interactive gatherings providing them with a platform to voice their opinions about leadership, public speaking, traditional and social entrepreneurship. Our objective is to identify change agents who can be trained and mentored to initiate their own social enterprises to resolve community challenges.

We intend to induce the Cycle of Improvement through both entre and intra-preneruial trainings

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