Equity development is an important part of our agenda. This approach rests on these principles:

  1. Creating and providing equal opportunities for people in the community ( all stratums and at any point in the business-life cycle) to help them develop or enhance their entrepreneurial skills and talents;
  2. We are averse to an environment of extreme poverty, and want to create ease of access to funding for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs who wish to scale up
  3. We believe in contributing to the development of a viable business idea so that the road from opportunity to outcome has lesser hurdles.

The modus operandi is as forth: a prospective entrepreneur presents a business idea to our assessment team, based on its potential in two areas i.e. business viability and social impact. We invest in that idea, through expertise and funding, thus creating an environment conducive for transforming ideas into reality. We also link entrepreneurs to our network of investors.

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