Constant innovation is the raison d’être of entrepreneurial success, and we embrace the idea whole heartedly. We have a team of dedicated researchers who continually follow business trends to identify new frameworks and models of entrepreneurship, theoretical developments in the world of academia, networking with key stakeholders to expand its outreach, find out about entrepreneurial success stories, follow-up on the latest developments in the world of technology, and keep up with the latest from the world of social entrepreneurship and its impact on societies and communities. The research is not limited to Pakistan and the UK but includes entrepreneurial activities all around the globe.

We carry out:
  • Mapping exercises necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis of a geographic area, its resident community, and the industries operating there
  • Needs Assessment and receptivity surveys to understand the existing attitudes and behaviors of a target population towards entrepreneurship and room for change in mindset
  • Policy analysis to identify gaps in the existing system
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