Marginalised Community

Inclusivity is one of our core values and, aligned with this value, our objective is to economically empower the marginalised communities, primarily people with disabilities, transgenders, and refugees that are living in Pakistan. As per statistics, 1.8 million people fall within these groups, and we aspire to equip these people with the relevant skills and capacity so that they can think beyond immediate daily survival and exercise greater control over both their resources and life choices.

Empowering People with Disabilities

On 10th August 2017, an MOU was signed between NOWPDP and SEED. The purpose of this MOU was for both organisations to work together to effectively cater to the needs of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and ensure impact, leading to empowerment through entrepreneurship. This collaboration was focused on providing guidance and mentorship to PWDs who were finalists of Project Khud Mukhtar. This project was launched on 9th May 2017 by NOWPDP.

A business incubation cycle was designed for these participants and a curriculum was developed exclusively for these incubatees. For curriculum development, orientation and focus group discussion was conducted to interview the prospective incubatees, understand their learning needs, challenges, and expectations, and then use the findings to develop a curriculum and an incubation cycle that aptly serves the personal development and enterprise development needs of the participants. We developed a curriculum and conducted the incubation programme, delivering 50+ hours of training.

Enterprises Incubated

Trans-Community Development Programme

SEED Ventures signed an MOU with the Pink Skills and Training Centre. Through this partnership, both organisations will work together to empower and uplift the transgender community in Pakistan by working on educating the masses about the community, developing the entrepreneurial capacity of trans-women, identifying and creating opportunities of employment and respectable work for the trans-community, and working towards establishing economic and social justice for transgenders in Pakistan.

We will be working primarily in Multan with Saro Imran to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of 30 trans-led enterprises. The initial scoping has been done and we will begin training shortly.

Enterprise Incubated
Enterprise Identified

Refugee Enterprise Development

As an organisation, we want to concentrate on the entrepreneurial development of this population so that their burden on the economy of the country is lessened and their contribution to the GDP is increased.

Our vision for this segment is to economically empower refugees through skill and entrepreneurial development.

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