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Imarah's first training session on 'Enterprise Development

Imarah's first training session on 'Enterprise Development' marks a pivotal moment for 12 determined women from the Mehran Town Community of Karachi. These women have come from different walks of life, to learn how to upscale their small businesses, including stitching and arts and crafts.

K-Electric celebrated the closing award ceremony for the KHI Awards

An electrifying partnership came to fruition as K-Electric celebrated the closing award ceremony for the KHI Awards. As the implementing partner, SEED Ventures witnessed the recognition of outstanding contributors to Karachi's innovative landscape. The deserving winners, announced by KE, are not just recipients of awards but also beneficiaries of rebates, exemplifying the shared commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving positive change in Karachi.

DELTA Graduation Ceremony

DELTA Graduation Ceremony: DELTA beneficiaries exemplified passion, innovation and social impact. At today's ceremony in Lahore, we recognize their hard work and perseverance. Their endeavors demonstrate technology’s potential for good.

Delighted to host Country Director ILO, Geir Tonstol, at SEED Ventures.

Fruitful discussions unfolded, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and new avenues between the International Labour Organisation and SEED.

Women’s Day, SEED Ventures

Capturing the spirit of Women’s Day, SEED Ventures welcomed all to a Kintsugi workshop by Syed Shaheer J. —an inspiring journey of resilience and self-discovery. Drawing from the profound reflections of our CEO Shaista Ayesha, the art of mending unfolds as a deeply personal and transformative experience. In our unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity, we intentionally opened the doors to participants of all genders, breaking down conventional barriers. Together, we rejoiced in the inherent strength found within life’s fractures, crafting a meaningful mosaic that weaves a tale of empowerment and unity.

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan's National Final

As the curtains draw on the grand spectacle of Enterprise Challenge Pakistan's National Final, a heartfelt salute to the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Team SEED Ventures, Prince's Trust International, coordinators from every corner of Pakistan, and our esteemed sponsors, Engro Corp and Jubilee Life Insurance – your dedication and collaborative spirit have woven the tapestry of success. Each of you, an indispensable thread, contributed to the realization of this vision.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Gong Ceremony, Enterprise Challenge Pakistan

In the heart of PSX, Syeda Shiza Ali - the regional finalist of the year, struck the ceremonial gong, echoing the triumph of Enterprise Challenge Pakistan. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspires us all!

Celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship!

SEED Ventures organized a fundraiser to support the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan, an initiative that inspires young minds to embrace business acumen. It was heartwarming to see so many passionate individuals come together to contribute to this cause. The funds raised will help Enterprise Challenge Pakistan continue its mission of equipping students with a better understanding of business models and preparing them for success. A big thank you to everyone who attended and donated generously. Your support means the world to us and will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring young entrepreneurs. Let’s continue to foster an ecosystem that encourages innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit among our youth. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Pakistan!

The final event of 2nd Life Pakistan at
Unilever Pakistan Headquarters

Unilever Pakistan and SEED Ventures came together for an impactful initiative that redefined plastic waste management. The event showcased brilliant solutions from startups and researchers committed to a cleaner, greener Pakistan. Stay tuned for more highlights!

Reliving the moments at EmpowerHer!

Whats the Alternative and SEED Ventures came together for an enlightening symposium, exploring alternative paths to women's wellness. Let's reminisce and continue our journey toward a sustainable and empowered future!

SEED Ventures and Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited celebrated the 5th consecutive year of their partnership for the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP)

SEED Ventures and Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited celebrated the 5th consecutive year of their partnership for the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP) - SEED’s flagship programme and the country’s premier business challenge for school children. The keynote address at the event was delivered by British Deputy High Commissioner Her Excellency Ms Sarah Mooney. Commenting on the milestone, MD & CEO of Jubilee Life Insurance Mr. Javed Ahmed stated, “Our collaboration with SEED Ventures on the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan is not just about sponsorship; it is about building a foundation for the future.

Faraz Khan, Founder & Director SEED Ventures, CEO and Partner SpectrEco was awarded the MBE by the UK Government

Faraz Khan, Founder & Director SEED Ventures, CEO and Partner SpectrEco was awarded the MBE by the UK Government at the investiture ceremony held at Windsor Castle for his services to strengthening the relations between Pakistan and the UK in the space of climate, sustainability and enterprise.

Purple Tuesday conference

Together Towards Inclusion: Captivating snapshots from our Purple Tuesday conference where we shared an emotive presentation on the invisible challenge faced by people of determination.

Women in Leadership closing ceremony

With deep appreciation, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed venue partner, Avari Xpress Islamabad, for hosting the memorable Women in Leadership closing ceremony. Your support and hospitality contributed immensely to the success of this prestigious event.

Whats the Alternative: EcoSummit

Revisiting moments of enlightenment and environmental commitment: Join us this Throwback Tuesday as we share captivating glimpses from Whats the Alternative's EcoSummit. A convergence of minds dedicated to sustainable solutions, the EcoSummit stands as a testament to our collective pursuit of a greener, more conscientious future.

ECP's Unforgettable National Final at BDHC

We revisit the electrifying National Final of Enterprise Challenge Pakistan that took place at the British Deputy High Commission in February. The event was a powerhouse of innovation, uniting passionate youth nationwide. With ingenious ideas, bright minds, and a shared commitment to change, the National Final was a testament to ECP's mission. Let's celebrate the magic that unfolded and anticipate more inspiring chapters ahead!

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