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September in Karachi witnessed the launch of a programme that comes with the promise of immense impact on young minds and much-needed inculcation of entrepreneurship in the youth. Mosaic was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007. This initiative creates opportunities for youth belonging to diverse and often underprivileged backgrounds and helps them realise their potential. A true reflection of its name, Mosaic is an assemblage of different thoughts and aspirations on an all inclusive platform; volunteer mentors interact with young people, inspire them to understand their abilities, and thus help them bridge the gap between ambition and attainment. This interaction helps the youth voice their ambition and receive guidance on how to realise those dreams.  The knowledge transfer between mentor and mentee helps the youth experience an increase in self-efficacy and confidence, thus awakening a strong internal drive which is necessary for maximising their potential.

The Enterprise Challenge is a simulation challenge where students in teams of four or five employ their creativity and compete against each other mentored by volunteer industry experts who help them understand the different elements of business and coach them to choose a strategy for their virtual business venture. Over a number of sessions the teams aggregate their scores according to their performance in the competition, including an ethical business element. Besides the UK, it is now running successfully in Jordon and Qatar.

After a successful run in the Middle East, the competition has now been brought to Pakistan and will be delivered over three years in private and public schools across Pakistan as a pilot programme. The competition will be held pan-Pakistan in its pilot phase.

The British Deputy High Commission (BDHC) has extended its support for Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP). This is a strong testament of their stance towards developing collaborative and progressive educational opportunities for Pakistan’s youth and encouraging young minds to explore entrepreneurship as a potential avenue.

SEED Ventures Private Limited as the Founder Partner for Enterprise Challenge Pakistan will be delivering and executing ECP with Mosaic.

Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development (SEED) was founded in 2009 as a holdings company. It operates with clear streams strongly interlinked with each other with the core focus of developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan, and help existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing and scaling up their ventures. While the organisation focuses on high-potential, high-growth start-ups, its mandate o
f social and financial inclusion has led to numerous strongly established initiatives to support and promote entrepreneurship at grassroot level. SEED truly believes in the potential of knowledge dissemination, mentorship, and business incubation as methods which not only help entrepreneurs realise their potential, but also create linkages with the investors’ fraternity. All of SEED’s companies and initiatives revolve around one central idea – create a social impact. The objective behind Mosaic Enterprise Challenge is strongly aligned with SEED’s business philosophy.

Mosaic Enterprise Challenge will be a great contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan with long-term benefits. It will not only provide a new, more feasible avenue to the youth, a large number of which faces the challenge of unemployment, but will also contribute to the economic development of the country.



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