SEED Ventures and Maersk collaborate to improve agricultural exports from Pakistan

About PAC

PAC is an agripreneurship challenge that is calling out all Agri ventures, innovators, farmers and agriculture students in Pakistan to participate and develop innovative solutions to solve the post-harvest challenges in the Agri sector.

Participants will initially have to submit a concept note, providing a realistic solution to an existing harvest or post-harvest issue.

Shortlisted participants will then be asked to develop a detailed plan & proposal for the same within a span of 2.5 months.

Winning proposal for the challenge will be eligible for any one of the following prizes:

  • Investment for the project
  • Funding for the project through grants
  • Winner will be onboarded as a vendor/partner/supplier via commercial contract

If you’re an agri-tech startup, farmer or student who is up for the challenge, then register now by completing the following two steps:


Step 1

Go through this document to view project scope and requirements

Step 2

Up for the challenge? Then click below

For Further Queries

Mohammad Aaqib Arslan | Project Manager


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