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The second issue of The Pakineur seems to have created an unexpected amount of noise all across. Perhaps the fact that it has an intentionally created informal feel about it has quite a bit to do with it besides the fact that there was a dearth of local publications specifically for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, I must say, are a breed worth getting to know. Regardless of the scale of their venture, they display similar traits and seem to have somewhat similar dreams. A recent article I wrote was focused on the growing trend of youngsters enthusiastically exploring this extremely challenging yet exciting avenue.

As for issue 2 of The Pkaineur, you will see a diverse set of our EntreMates candidly sharing their stories in The Pakineur and articles that will keep you engaged throughout. Since our mandate is social entrepreneurship, it is reflected in the magazine through focus on social enterprises as well as unconventional forms of entrepreneurship as you will witness in ‘The Empathy Factor’ and ‘The Nomad Entrepreneur’ . My personal favourite is the addition of a chat with an ‘intrapreneur’, a segment that we seem to give very little attention to as opposed to conventional entrepreneurship.

In working to develop the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan, we are getting more enthusiastic by the day, our numbers increasing, and our feeble steps now showing promise of giant leaps.

Adding the magazine’s link for you to check out.

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