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We have a simple formula that we follow at SEED – identify gaps, and address them through entrepreneurial solutions. While moving forward with our mandate to develop the entrepreneurial scenario in Pakistan, we realized that it was now imperative to take an initiative where entrepreneurs found a voice, an easily accessible and approachable platform for exchange of ideas. Hence, ‘The Pakineur’! With the launch of  Pakistan’s first entrepreneurial magazine, falls a heavy responsibility on our shoulders. We understand that there is an encouraging emergence of entrepreneurial ventures with stories that need to be shared. Startups may have a long way to go, but with mentoring and a supportive environment provided by those who have been the travellers of the entrepreneurial world for much longer, they have better and stronger chances to move forward more effectively. The veteran entrepreneurs, with their success stories and interesting journeys, continue to be a source of inspiration that must be shared with those on the first step of the ladder. Entrepreneurship is a treacherous road, but once the inhibitions are shed and one takes the courage to start a venture, the rewards are phenomenal. It is these stories that we share through ‘The Pakineur’, alongwith news, insights, innovative ideas.



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