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SEED Ventures (Social, Entrepreneurship, and Equity Development) was established in 2009. We are social impact ecosystem developers and impact investors. Our work is dedicated to nurturing an ecosystem where social entrepreneurs can thrive and where the social impact of traditional entrepreneurship can be enhanced and scaled.

We work with the public, development, and private sector organisations to develop financial mechanisms that maximise impact creation. We want to alleviate socio-economic challenges by building the next generation of change-makers, empowering youth and women, and socially including and embracing the excluded.

Our enterprise and our social enterprise development focus are on building nano-, micro-, small enterprises and start-ups, and we work with potential, aspiring, and existing entrepreneurs. We have segmented our work into four portfolios: children, youth, women, and marginalised communities. This provides us with a space to follow a market segmentation approach and develop social impact ecosystem solutions that can cater to the needs of each audience segment.

We create enabling ecosystems through research, policy advocacy, developing entrepreneurial capacity, encouraging innovation, linking to markets, and creating access to finance through fund management and impact investment.

Check out our portfolio for a deeper insight into our programmes and impact.

Our Mission

Create transformational change at an individual, community, institutional, and systemic level through ecosystem development and impact investment.


Individual transformation in our beneficiaries is reflected in three ways: The development of awareness and understanding through capacity development; the practical application of that new knowledge in any aspect of their lives; and consequently changes in the beneficiaries that benefit the community they live in.


To create an institutional change, we work to transform the ideas that govern institutions in terms of how they believe they can create impact, help them identify new avenues for collaboration, and demonstrate how they can create sustainable, positive change in the communities in which they operate.


For positive impact to sustain itself, community buy-in is necessary.This is why we engage with the communities where we operate. A measure of how a community otherwise dormant either adopts positive practices, changes its narrative, or collaborates to support its members is how we ascertain transformational change at a community level.


Systemic change is the fourth and most important pillar of sustainable transformation. Through advocacy and our interventions, we address the processes, norms, or structures that obstruct the path of sustainable change, and we work with systemic partners to create sustainable and scalable impacts.




Youth-led Enterprises


Women-led Enterprises


Marginalised Community-Led Enterprises

Our Portfolios


We aspire to create socially responsible entrepreneurs for the future through the development of creative and critical thinking skills, an understanding of social impact and sustainability, and building entrepreneurial zeal.


We want to empower youth to become socially aware and responsible entrepreneurs, and enable them to resolve socio-economic challenges through innovation.


Our vision for this portfolio is to create a business environment that supports the development of women entrepreneurs through provision of business knowledge, digital and financial literacy, access to safe spaces, mentors, markets, and finance.


We want to increase the social inclusion of the trans community through economic empowerment, building access to health care, and educating them and other stakeholders about them and their rights.


We want to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of refugees in the country by enabling them to run their businesses, helping them become economically self-reliant and contribute to the economy of Pakistan.

Differently Abled

We want to encourage a growth-oriented mindset in the differently-abled through entrepreneurship, building their capacity to run their businesses and create transformational change in their communities.

What Our Beneficiaries Are Saying

“I am happy to say that I have a clear vision for my brand; I see a great change in my life. During our conversations with the RISE team, I was given the courage to take a leap of faith for my business.”

Jabeen Yaqoob
RISE Beneficiary and Grant Winner

“Enterprise Challenge Pakistan made us look into businesses more holistically – we learned how to integrate different things like marketing and sustainability in a business through our mentoring sessions.”

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan Finalist

“The Impact Link Challenge helped us with skills that include better resource management, better selling, better digital storytelling, and much more. All collectively to help us to scale.”

Impact Link Fellow and Grant Winner

Our Partners

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