How We Work

How We Work

At SEED Ventures, we employ our ICIS approach to foster inclusive economic prosperity through two main methods. The first is ecosystem development, where we collaborate with public, private, and development sectors to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This can be done either through our off-the-shelf models or by crafting tailored strategies that address environmental, social, and economic challenges. Our focus in this method is on continuous improvement, collaboration, and innovation to ensure long-term positive impact. The second method is impact investments, where we explore Corporate Impact Venturing (CIV), co-investments, and grant management. This ensures that capital is strategically used to create both Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Return on Investment (ROI) for all stakeholders.


The first pillar of the ICIS framework focuses on creating meaningful and measurable social impact. SEED Ventures is committed to empowering marginalized communities, women, and youth through various initiatives, including education, capacity building, mentorship, and access to financing and markets. 


The second pillar of the ICIS framework revolves around mobilizing capital for impact-driven projects and ventures. SEED Ventures uses innovative financial mechanisms such as impact investment, blended finance, co-investments, and public-private partnerships to raise the necessary funds for empowering beneficiaries through its various initiatives. 


The final pillar of the ICIS framework centres on scalability. SEED Ventures aims to create solutions that can be replicated and scaled to reach a larger audience and have a broader impact. By leveraging its network, partnerships, and knowledge, SEED ensures that successful initiatives can be expanded to different regions, benefiting more communities and individuals.​


The third component of the ICIS framework emphasizes the importance of innovation in driving social change. SEED Ventures continuously seeks new and creative ways to address social challenges and implement impactful programmes. It encourages innovative thinking, technology adoption, and the application of best practices to achieve its goals effectively.​

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