Our Guiding Principles

Our Philosophy for Sustainable Impact

Keeping a systemic view of impact creation, we act as connectors and bridge gaps in the ecosystem so that the right interplay of ideas, people, and institutions can be created. This leads to inclusive, sustainable, and scalable impact rather than sporadic, short-term change.  Our method for impact creation is inspired by the sapling in our logo because it represents a journey of gradual, transformational change attributed to consistent, well-thought-out nurturing. It refutes randomness and embraces interconnected, purpose-driven methods. This we believe and understand are the hallmarks of an effective social impact ecosystem.

Beneficiary Safeguarding

We work with children, youth, women, and the marginalised community. The safety of each segment is paramount when we are designing our interventions. From data protection to informed consent and to ensuring that our beneficiaries are protected against risks, we strive to create safe spaces online and offline for learning, interaction, and growth for our beneficiaries.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have developed stringent checks to ensure programme delivery is up to the expected level of quality. We keep a check to see all standards agreed between the partners and ourselves have been met. Most importantly, we measure how the programme has impacted the lives of beneficiaries, their communities, and if it has been able to transform institutional philosophy and systems.

Due Diligence & Governance

We have standards of care that we exercise and practice before we initiate partnerships, finalise agreements, and engage with our beneficiaries. Our internal operational structures and processes ensure accountability and transparency. We ensure that we uphold the values that we stand for and the mission that we have built and that we are working towards the vision of our organisation.

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