Our Investments

Through our impact investments, we seek to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact.


FeedSol is a social enterprise developed by Engro, SEED Ventures, and FMO to offer quality, nutrition-rich, and affordable animal feed products to smallholder and medium-sized dairy farmers to improve livestock health, increase milk yields, and improve dairy farming economics in Pakistan.

Improving the viability of rural areas through the support of multi-functional agriculture and alternative options of livestock feed was the ultimate goal behind this whole project. Our purpose is to ensure the availability, accessibility, and affordability of essential feed products. We build sustainable livestock supply chains. On a global landscape, the intensive demand for livestock and livestock products, such as meat, dairy, and milk has spurred the growth of animal feed production and animal feed exports among many leading animal feed companies around Pakistan.


Mohafiz is a life-saving mobile application that allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to the people you choose as ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contacts through SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. Mohafiz and its features are a response to the lack of government infrastructure when it comes to providing emergency support services.

Mohafiz app has been developed by taking into account all the features needed for someone in grave trouble. Mohafiz was able to show its impact within Pakistan in the number of lives that it has helped. The app has been able to provide on-the-ground support as well, having handled over 114 cases of harassment and has remained active in the pandemic with 1,013 Covid-related distress requests being catered to. The app has played a satisfactory role in ensuring that safety and health are accessible to all.


AEROsync, established in 2016, is a product design company. It develops and produces products designed around consumer challenges, and aims to deliver convenience and positive social impact through their functionality.
This start-up was initially incubated by SEED Ventures, and within a year showed signs of promising growth. Henceforth, SEED Ventures has subsequently
guided and mentored them through the process of developing workable prototypes and piloting these prototypes to evaluate the efficacy of their designs.

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