Our Solutions

Enterprise Development

We work with nano-, micro-, small enterprises and the start-up community to help them strengthen their business ideas and models

  • Curriculum Development: We develop customised curriculums after conducting an in-depth needs analysis of the target population. Our curriculums focus on the development of business acumen and soft skills which are necessary for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.
  • Business Incubation: We work with business owners and strengthen their concepts and understanding through coaching, mentoring about entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, leadership, negotiation, and personnel management.
  • Market Access: Leveraging SEED Ventures’ network, we connect our beneficiaries to relevant partners and stakeholders who can help grow their businesses.
  • Financial Inclusion: We work on the three tenets of financial inclusion – financial literacy, business formalisation, and the integration of financial services in businesses. We are strong advocates of formalising businesses operating in the informal economy.

Impact Investment

We want to develop a portfolio of sustainable solutions and create avenues to ensure effective and efficient deployment of local and international funding.

  • Corporate Impact Venturing (CIV):  We identify the right partners and the right ventures for CIV. We co-invest with large corporations in ventures that can contribute to their value chains, have the potential to achieve financial returns, and can create positive economic, social, or environmental impact.
  • Direct Investment:  When a prospective entrepreneur presents a business idea to our assessment team, it is evaluated based on its potential in two areas: business viability and social impact. We invest in that idea, through expertise and funding, thus creating an environment conducive for transforming ideas into reality. We also link entrepreneurs to our network of investors.
  • Grant management and Disbursement: We work with development sector partners to identify deserving candidates for grants and cash awards. Not only do we manage the disbursement, but we also monitor the utilisation of the funds against milestones and report the impact.

Policy and Advocacy

We provide technical assistance to the private, public, and the government sector, and offer consultancy covering:

  • Policy advocacy based on policy analysis to identify gaps in the existing system.
  • Value addition to existing CSR programmes.
  • Development of new CSR initiatives well-aligned with the business and social objectives of an organisation.
  • Highlighting strategic windows within a landscape available for enterprise development.
  • Defining frameworks and strategic plans for the better utilisation of funds.



To develop beneficiary-centered solutions, we conduct in-depth research to gain a deep understanding of the community and its challenges:

We conduct:

  • Mapping exercises necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis of a geographic area, its resident community, and the industries operating there.
  • Needs Assessment and receptivity surveys to understand the existing attitudes and behaviours of a target population towards entrepreneurship and room for change in mind-set.
  • Policy analysis to identify gaps in the existing system.

Partner with us

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