Impact at a Glance

A short summary of our work and impact across Pakistan

SEED (Social, Entrepreneurship, and Equity Development) Ventures was established in 2009. With positive sustainable impact creation being the nucleus of our work, our ambition was to build a strong social impact ecosystem. A decade down the road, we are an institution that has engaged more than 100,000 beneficiaries by building awareness, capacity development and knowledge-building on sustainability, impact, and social entrepreneurship. We have initiated corporate impact venturing with the private sector, demonstrating a value chain intervention that is more about community building than profit maximisation. From grant management to impact and commercial investments, we have worked with the public, development, and private sectors to maximise impact creation. Today, we are an institution that championed a systemic transformation. In collaboration with Pakistan’s leading think tank, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), we have co-authored legislation categorising social enterprises as entities that can generate social impact and profit. In the coming years, we intend to expand and strengthen our work in the areas of policy development, establishing alternate financial mechanisms for impact creation, building socio-economic resilience of communities, and increasing our reach to a larger number of beneficiaries across all our portfolios.


Total Beneficiaries


Jobs Created


Project Across Pakistan

3.371 billion

Commercial & Impact Portfolio Turnover

143.5 million

Commercial Investments

68.5 million

Impact Investment

57 million

Grants Disbursed


Enterprises Funded

40+ Cities

Local Engagements

15 Countries

Global Engagement


Researches Conducted


Curriculums Developed

Global Engagement and Partnership Footprint

Pakistan Impact Footprint

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