SEED Ventures is an impact investment and ecosystem development organisation. The company invests in high impact, high potential ventures. Over the course of 14 years, we have developed a diverse portfolio of companies through myriad entrepreneurial ventures in different sectors which includes OOH communications, agriculture, emergency services, event -management, fin-tech, e-publishing, product-design, enterprise and social enterprise development, women-led enterprises, bottom-of-the-pyramid market and enterprises, construction, and engineering.

We invest in two ways:

  • Corporate Impact Venturing:  We co-invest with larger corporations in ventures that can contribute to their value chains, have potential to achieve financial returns, and can create positive economic, social, or environmental impact
  • Direct Investment:  When a prospective entrepreneur presents a business idea to our assessment team, based on its potential in two areas i.e. business viability and social impact. We invest in that idea, through expertise and funding, thus creating an environment conducive for transforming ideas into reality. We also link entrepreneurs to our network of investors.

Our focus at SEED Ventures through our investments is to develop a portfolio of sustainable solutions and products, create cross-economic partnerships, transfer expertise and knowledge to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, and create avenues to ensure effective and efficient deployment of local and international funding.

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