The Media plays a strong role in communicating and creating avenues of engagement for target audiences. Keeping in mind that it has a strong impact on attitudes and behaviours, it is essential in helping to bring about a change of mindset and portraying entrepreneurship in a positive light by communicating stories and supporting platforms which enhance the efficacy of this discipline.

We do this by:
  • Using print, broadcast and online media to create widespread messages on entrepreneurship
  • Developing business plan and business pitch competition programmes in collaboration with the development, private and public sector organizations for broadcast on local and international media. This helps to:
    • Provide visibility to entrepreneurs belonging to diverse stratums and verticals
    • Connect entrepreneurs to the investors fraternity
    • Create awareness about entrepreneurship and its off-shoot social entrepreneurship
  • Publishing entrepreneurial success stories ( both individuals and enterprises)
We work with this sector to:
  • Develop more receptivity towards entrepreneurship
  • Increase awareness about entrepreneurship as an alternative source of livelihood
  • Communicate success stories which encapsulate the journey of entrepreneurship in print and online formats
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