Directors / CEO

Faraz Khan
CEO & Co-Founder – SEED

Faraz Khan is a UK-based Pakistani social entrepreneur, investor, published author and public speaker. He is regarded as a leading authority on social entrepreneurship and believes in bringing a positive change in the society with forward-thinking business models that allow him to fulfil a personal commitment to improve the lives of people in the UK, Pakistan and beyond. He is passionate about bridging gaps between continents and nations through entrepreneurship, business and trade.

Over a period of 12 years he has taken many entrepreneurial initiatives, transforming most into a success story, and champions the idea of inspiring and mentoring the young generation to be the change agent itself. He has won acclaim for his novel ventures that aim at making a difference at a massive scale. He, with his partners has created eight leading businesses globally, based on his core belief that anything is possible with will, determination and good intent. He is the author of ‘Pukh Theory’, Pakistan’s first business parable.

Faraz has been appointed as a member of Catalyst UKTI, and sits on the Advisory Board of All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship (APPGE) and is member of Atlantic Council US, advising governments on bringing entrepreneurs together. He has also been nominated by the Asia Society to represent Pakistan in Young Leaders Conference in Delhi and Future Leader of the Year by Power 100, a selection that signifies and collates the 100 most promising personalities who will shape the future of Pakistan. He is also been appointed judge at the Sirius Programme, a global Graduate Entrepreneur Programme by UKTI, and is a Board Member at SEALA (South East Asia Leadership Academy), a sister concern of SIBF (Society of international business Fellows), a US based think tank. Gizelle Communication, a SEED company, was nominated an Arabia500 finalist and was also declared the top 100 fastest growing company in Pakistan twice by AllWorld Network. Faraz is regularly invited as a speaker at universities, professional organisations and worldwide marketing forums, and is a member of Euclid, ACVEO, Institute of Directors (IOD), Cambridge International Arts, and an Executive Council Member of British Alumni Association.

An MBA Marketing graduate from the University of Lincoln, Faraz truly believes that one must never cease to learn and grow, and education is acquired through formal as well as unassuming means. Hence, his four years at Common Purpose, combined with a multitude of first-hand experiences of the entrepreneurial world, groomed him into a true leader and social engineer, who continued to evolve reform and create.


Khusro Ansari 
Director & Co-Founder – SEED

Khusro Ansari is considered a marketing guru, with a flair for numbers. He is a talented serial entrepreneur who is not scared of taking risks and venturing into untested territories. Khusro has gained a reputation that many have been striving for. His skill of understanding the gaps in the market and creating opportunities through them has taken SEED to new levels. He strongly believes in the power of an idea and that there is no replacement for human talent and the intention to work hard. He has had exposure to both client and agency environments and stands apart in the world of marketers.

Khusro brings with him a wealth of industry experience, ranging from manufacturing and retail to advertising and marketing. A man with a positive demeanour, his superb marketing skills, peoples skills and strategic planning have given him success on all forums. He is the Director & Co-Founder of SEED, Gizelle Communications (Pvt.) Ltd., Stimulus (Pvt.) Ltd., FK Squared, Globus, Bridging Britain, The Food Company (Pvt.) Ltd. and Colours of Inspiration.

Before he set up his own company, Khusro was working as Project Director at Tesmart (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan, affiliated with TESCO of UK, a chain of international supermarkets. He eventually ventured into entrepreneurship and with his partner, and formed Gizelle Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. in the year 2004, which specializes in integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), infra-structure development and media solutions while amalgamating conventional advertising methodology with the principles of CSR and community development. His great attention to detail, perceptiveness and brilliant social skills have served as monumental contribution in the progress of the organisation. He has discovered the potential for new opportunities and has come a long way from Gizelle to SEED, that now acts as an umbrella company for all the ventures that he has been involved with.

Khusro’s expertise in the field of Marketing & Strategy has earned him respect amongst peers and clients and he continues to draw attention with his impeccable projects and his modus operandi. His understanding of public private partnerships and creating sustainable business models for the initiatives by SEED have been the key factor behind the success of the enterprises under the banner of SEED.

Farhad Karamally 
CEO – Stimulus
Partner FK Squared & SEED Incubation Centre

Farhad Karamally is an Organisation Development (OD) consultant, management facilitator, published author, a habitual entrepreneur in short a catalyst for change. Farhad specialises in unleashing human genius through leadership, creativity & change management initiatives that assist in architecting excellence in organisational culture.

Over the past 18 years Farhad has developed many branded training products which can be customised to meet specific requirements of organisations across the private & social sectors of different countries & cultures. He has designed & customised value adding interventions for organisations like Acumen Fund, UNDP Pakistan, GIZ, UNICEF Education Programme, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), World Food Programme (WFP), Engro, Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan & Sri Lanka, Bayer CropScience & Health, Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly Pakistan & Thailand, Novartis Consumer Healthcare Pakistan & Middle East Cluster, Procter & Gamble Pakistan & Kazakhstan, Unilever, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola International, Shell Pakistan, Barclays Bank, Dubai Quality Group, Al-Batha (Dubai), Holcim Cement (Sri Lanka), COGEF Group (Mozambique), Samba Financial Group [formerly known as The Saudi American Bank] (Saudi Arabia), British American Tobacco, OMV, Schneider-Electric, DHL, Merck, Maersk, Standard Chartered Bank, Oracle (South Asia Growth Economies  SAGE), Linde Group, 3M & numerous others. As a practitioner of appreciative inquiry to get results, he is renowned for facilitating strategic meetings with management & leadership teams to envision future strategies.

Since 2010 he has been working on the concept of Compassion in Business and also published a survey report measuring compassion in businesses. Farhad has been named as a Fellow of the International Center for Compassionate Organizations located at the University of Louisville. His style and attitude to life can best be explained through a comment made by Ed Scannel (author of 15 books incl. Games Trainers Play) after experiencing Farhads session at the Asia HRD Congress Indonesia: Learning is Fun & You Proved It!

As an entrepreneur, Farhad is CEO Funverks Global, Co-Founder/Director Navitus (Pakistan), Founder & CEO Navitus (Sri Lanka), Director Stimulus, Tangerine Media, FK Squared, The Bottom Line Holidays (Sri Lanka) & Partner Seed Incubation Centre.


Mehreen Shoaib 
Director – Stimulus

Mehreen Shoaib brings with her 10 years of local & international, organisational and management consulting experience. Over the past decade, she has supported and salvaged several for-profit social initiatives: KZRs Life-Skills Workshops, School of Leaderships Young Leaders Conference, and Navitus civil society initiative Inspiratourium. Having successfully executed numerous projects across the private & public sectors with multi-level stake-holder involvement, Mehreen created Stimulus. Formulated on the foundations of synergistic partnerships and principle-centred leadership, Stimulus is designed to pursue effectiveness and efficiency in the social sector.

Her areas of interest and expertise are wide ranging; they include organizational and programme diagnostics, competency assessments, feedback and peace dialogue, culture transformation, leadership, negotiation and empowerment. She is known for her prowess at networking, deal-making and negotiation. It is these skills which aid her in establishing synergistic, long-term, mutually value-adding partnerships and associations. She has led & executed consulting projects with over 22 corporations at a strategic level.

Ahmer Arif 
Managing Director – Globus

Ahmer Arif brings with him years of valuable experience in the sphere of Trade & Investment Development. Having worked previously as Deputy Director, UK Trade & Investment Pakistan, he is considered to be a leading expert in this area.

Ahmer has vast experience of working in private and public sectors both in Pakistan and UK, and has a good understanding on how both these sectors operate and can partner to create sustainable business solutions. He has experience in trade development and policy advocacy with a background in Accounting and Economics. His skills are research and policy development, and creating a working relationship with local businesses and government departments to recommend and lobby policy amendments to improve the business environment of Pakistan.


Naheed Ansari 
CEO – The Food Company

Naheed Ansari is a renowned name in the field of Food Management in Pakistan. She holds over 35 years of experience in cooking, food presentation and home decor. She has appeared on several channels such as Pakistan Television (PTV), INDUS TV, INDUS PLUS, ARY DIGITAL / ARY ZAUQ, SAMAA TV, HEALTH TV, GEO-TV and MASALA-TV and has several TV programmes under her belt. She has become an icon of good taste and fabulous cooking for women in Pakistan. Her experience in cooking and presentation has made her immensely popular among fans at home and overseas.

Naheed is running and leading Finesse Finishing School. This institution grooms young Pakistani girls, housewives and working women in the areas of food preparation, preservation, presentation, serving, table setting, etiquettes, dressing, event management, etc.


Israr Ullah Khan
Director Finance

Israr Khan carries more than 15 years of rich experience in the industry and services sector. He is responsible for synchronizing the finance function of the organisation and building a bridge between top management and different departments of the company. He also makes company policies and procedures with strong internal control process which adhere to achieve the desired objectives. He guides the management on all financial aspects. His core competencies include cash flow management, forecasting and budgeting, financial reporting, technology integration and analytical review.

Israr Ullah has strong leadership skills, a participative management style, a strategic view on financial issues and professional maturity. He is known for his analytical and problem solving skills and has provided reliability and integrity in performance. He is a member of different accounting and social bodies. He graduated from JCI Japan Academy of Leadership and conducts motivational trainings on career guidance, leadership and social issues.


Fareed Uddin
Manager Finance

Fareed Uddin brings with him more than 15 years of experience in Finance and Accounts with some top of the line organizations of Pakistan in very diversified industries.

At SEED, Fareed is responsible for all accounting and financial controls, taxation, and formation of company policies & procedures. Additionally, he supports in the administration of the company to improve the working environment and implementation of company policies in the organization.

Fareed’s love of adventure and outdoors and passion for marine conservation and his easy going personality are his defining traits.

Jahanzaib Ejaz
Manager Accounts

Jahanzaib Ejaz has a very strong background in accounting.

He is responsible for managing accounts, cash management, office administration, bank reconciliations, payroll, accounting software, and dealings with banks, vendors and clients.


Shahbaz Khan 
Head of Marketing – Gizelle Communication

Shahbaz Khan is the Head of Marketing and has been managing all matters related to administration, marketing, sales & events. Along with that, Shahbaz is also the main driving force in creating and shaping marketing, sales and research structures at the organization.

His ability of taking any project to a new level and ensuring its exceptionally satisfactory completion makes him a vital member of the team. He has an inherent ability to grasp complex problems with ease and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Shahbaz’s name is synonymous with quick remedies to all the problems in the realm of sales, marketing and administration. He oversees all outdoor events and is considered the key troubleshooter for projects.


Fahim Ahmed
Manager Marketing – Gizelle Communication

Fahim Ahmed has extensive corporate experience related to services marketing and operations.

His responsibilities include working on projects regarding brand promotions, coordination with clients in overall BTL and Marketing activities, resolving of branding issues of existing clients and working with the team for different promotional events and branding campaigns.

Imran Khan
Operation Manager – Gizelle Communication

Imran Khan has been the Operation Manager with SEED since 2005. Imran with his excellent execution skills has shown sheer brilliance to events and outdoor campaigns for SEED’s clientele.

With his remarkable talents of diligence, attention to detail, and people management skills, Imran consistently delivers excellence to all projects he works on.


Waqar Ahmed
Assistant Manager Operations – Gizelle Communication

Waqar Ahmed brings with him a flair for computer and creative skills and is a helpful resource of outfit. He provides backup to Manager Operations in day to day operational activities.

He is also responsible for the pictorial updates of the ongoing projects and provides all the material required for dealing with clients and vendors.

Muhammad Sikandar
Site Supervisor – Gizelle Communication

Muhammad Sikandar is responsible for all installation of site material, preparation of new sites and timely service delivery to the clients.

He handles the execution of site maintenance operation, custodial care and setups. He also coordinates with outsourced maintenance teams and takes care of total airport related activities. His job also entails coordinating with other regional project managers, taking care of the transportation and logistics of site skins and other outdoor media material. He regularly inspects the sites and proactively unravels the problems to resolve them at the very moment.


Rustam Ali 
Site Supervisor – Gizelle Communication

Rustam Ali has been associated with SEED for the last eight years. His perseverance and keen attitude to learn helped him grow from the position of an office assistant to a site supervisor.

Rustam is a very dedicated and hard worker and has always been a very eager learner. He now handles all outdoor activities.

Dost Ali 
Site Supervisor – Gizelle Communication

Dost Ali has been associated with SEED for the last eight years. His perseverance and keen attitude to learn helped him grow from the position of an office assistant to a site supervisor.

Dost Ali is a very dedicated and hard worker and has always been a very eager learner. He now handles all outdoor activities.

Project Heads

Sadaf Mahmood
Enterprise Development Strategist – SEED
Programme Manager (Pakistan) – Mosaic Enterprise Challenge

Sadaf Mahmood is a strategist, writer, blogger, journalist, heritage expert/activist and a public speaker. Sadaf devised a unique business model for a heritage preservation project and converted it into a social enterprise. Hence, she is one of the initiators of Reimagining Pakistan (RPK), a unique project to revive and restore the nations architectural and cultural heritage on a massive scale. She also gives talks and lectures on heritage and its importance.

Sadaf is also the Programme Manager for Mosaic Enterprise Challenge Pakistan, an initiative of HRH The Prince of Wales. She was also part of the initiation of the entrepreneurial digital magazine of Pakistan The Pakineur a SEED initiative. Her expertise covers areas such as entrepreneurship, social enterprise, startups, innovation & strategy and leadership. She has been part of the development and strategy of several social enterprise development projects and is the Project Lead for PEMS (Potential Enterprise Mapping Strategy).

She has various writing and editing projects underway that include manuscripts that she structures and works on as a substantive editor. She does a weekly show at FM 107 for a 1-hour slot, on heritage preservation and environment, and entrepreneurial solutions for these sectors and has appeared on shows on FM 91 & FM 100, Dawn TV, HTV, and AAJ, on entrepreneurship, culture/heritage, and women empowerment.

Sadaf has completed an intense 10-day leadership programme for young business leaders by SEALA  South East Asia Leadership Academy. She has also served as a facilitator at SEALA South East Asia Leadership Academy, a sister concern of SIBF  Society of International Business Fellows, a US based think tank and organization. She is an IVLP (International Visitors Leadership Academy) alumnus, a programme by the State Department run in the US.


Shahmeer Ansari
Project Head – SEED Incubation Centre
Project Manager – Potential Enterprise Mapping Strategy (PEMS)

Shahmeer is heading SEED Incubation Centre (IC), a business incubation centre with a complete ecosystem that includes idea conception, incubation, mentoring, angel investment, acceleration and scaling up. He is also co-heading Potential Enterprise Mapping Strategy (PEMS) that focuses on microenterprises and strategies and working plans to uplift grass root entrepreneurs (GREs). He has been part of the development and implementation of Incubating Potential Programme (IPP), which is a carefully designed programme to conduct trainings at the grass root level for entrepreneurs at micro level to help them improve and expand.

Shahmeer works diligently to acquire the desired goal to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan and align it with the companys social mandate. He is focusing on creating and increasing the network of social entrepreneurs and ensuring that the incubation centre continues to operate effectively as a launch pad for startups. Shahmeer has extensive experience in event management and public speaking both in Pakistan and in Malaysia and is especially known for his motivational programs for youth. He has been part of a much-needed research on Rural Development and Capacity Building and is currently working on the development of a project for a network of incubation centres for startups in the major cities of Pakistan.

He has an Honours degree in International Business from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) and an external Dual Degree Programme in Business Management from (LUCT) in affiliation with Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Shahmeer has also hosted a TV show on ARY TV.

Waqar Asghar
Managing Director – Renku Digital

Waqar Asghar brings with him a broad spectrum of marketing, strategy and media solutions. His contagiously positive demeanor and proactive interaction with clients have earned him a steadfast reputation. His ability to translate business unit objectives and strategies to develop brand portfolio and fine-tune ideas into highly implementable models have resulted in impeccable execution of various projects over the years.

Waqar’s steady progression is apparent from his wide experience in the capacity of Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication at Summit Bank and Standard Chartered Bank after his early association with Barclays, Saudi Pak, ABN Amro Bank and Xenith Public Relations (Pvt.) Ltd. He is currently heading Renku Digital, a SEED company that realises upcoming trends in the digital space and builds focus on the use of digital mediums to maximize customer engagement, lead generation and conversion.


Saad Niaz
CEO & Co-Founder – MyBankersOnline

Saad is the Co-Founder and C.E.O of MyBankersOnline. Since 2010, he has spearheaded the venture, micro-managing the websites creation, content management and digital promotion. His profound grasp over the banking segment is complemented by his past experience with Standard Chartered Pakistan, where he played a pivotal role in the establishment and success of the Employee Banking segment in Lahore.

Saad holds a BSc (Honors) Degree in Economics and Mathematics from Lahore University of Management Sciences. His in-depth knowledge of consumer banking and personal finance, coupled with an aspiration to digitize Pakistans banking sector, has played a fundamental role in the establishment and success of MyBankersOnline.


Junaid Quadri
Business Manager – Renku Digital

Junaid has become a fortunate part of the digital team enhancing the overall performance and maintaining quality work delivered by the team to its clients.

He’s a highly organised, creative and motivated professional, always ready to take extensive measures in business development. His relationship management is the key for the outstanding sales and managing projects accordingly.

Junaid is involved in high-level strategy development and is responsible for maintaining strong relationships with key contacts in existing accounts, as well as developing new contacts and relationships. He keeps a close eye on market trends and identify gaps and niches that represent new business opportunities.


Muhammad Ghufran
Manager Digital Development – Renku Digital

Ghufran has always shown keen dedication and effort towards digital development. He has worked previously in web development and have been working as a Manager Digital Development for almost two years at Gizelle Digital.

His working forte lies on a diverse range of projects, from simple website development to large and high-profile projects. Internal and external stakeholders alike have commented on his outstanding development skills, crisis management and strong leadership, enabling him to complete projects within time and budget.

Ghufran’s time management and organisational skills are exemplary, as seen by his effective multitasking of all components of several large-scale projects simultaneously.

Mohammad Ali Qureshi
Manager Creative – Renku Digital

Mohammad Ali Qureshi has almost a decade long career in advertising. At SEED his potential is reflected in the skilfully designed promos and other media-related projects. He is now handling the complete design requirements for SEED and its associated companies.

His expertise in his related field and immense creative talent reflects in his work.

Ali has outstanding skills in Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe Illustrator. He has continually delivered creative solutions to clients and provided invaluable services to the organisation.


Shaista Ayesha 
Head of Content – SEED
General Manager – FK Squared

Shaista Ayesha stands apart from her peers because of her apt knowledge of marketing, entrepreneurship and CSR as well as her ability to deliver crisp and precise written content. Her exposure to the corporate sector and long association with business schools, where she developed and introduced courses on Business Ethics, Principles of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Services Marketing and Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, gives her a unique disposition.

Shaista is known for her in-depth understanding of Pakistans social and economic issues and her commitment to spreading awareness at all levels through her writings. This has resulted in her association with SEED where she writes and manages all web content as well as other written material. Her vast exposure to SME sector and researches based on different aspects of SMEs in Pakistan has added to her comprehension of improving entrepreneurial scenarios at different levels.

Shaista is a published author of the biography ‘Midlife and Naked’ of two Pakistani entrepreneurs – Faraz Khan and Khusro Ansari. She is currently leading and managing FK Squared – a SEED and Funverks publishing house. She also conducts Creative Writing workshops for children, training them how to structure their ideas into words and creating stories, hence supporting and promoting an environment that is conducive for learning, reading and writing.

Shaista is part of the mentoring programme by SEED Incubation Centre for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. She continues to impart education and trainings especially in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector as well as rural development and capacity honing. She works vehemently to help understand the impact of trainings and mentoring for every sector in order to grow and explore potential for expansion and improvement. She is currently working on an organizational biography of one of the largest FMCGs of Pakistan.

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