Seeds for Climate Change

APPLY NOW to Seeds for Climate Change and become part of Karachi’s Youth-Led Movement for Climate Action!

About SFCC

Through Seeds for Climate Change, the program aims to identify young change makers from across all universities in Karachi that are aiming to make breakthroughs with respect to climate change. Through the program we want to help them uncover and develop innovative solutions to climate change for communities in Karachi most vulnerable to its devastating impact.

To participate in the program, students from all universities of Karachi are encouraged to apply.

To register, all you require is:
1) A team of 5 students
2) A faculty member as your advisor

The university can either decide on a team itself or multiple teams of students can apply as long as the above criteria is met. Only one team will be selected from each university. As part of the application process, each team is required to submit a concept note for one of the thematic areas identified in the programme.

For further information regarding the programme:

To access the concept note template:

To become a part of Karachi's youth-led movement:

For queries please contact:

Muhammad Aaqib Arsalan

Project ManagerĀ

Khush Bakht Memon

Project Coordinator & M&E

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